My 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge

Follow me on my 21 day fat loss challenge beginning 12-1-18 as I show that calorie reduction is the key to weight loss.

by leonce153

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Time to start my fat loss journey

Hi, my name is Leon Calhoun, a 50 year old retired police officer, and I would like to invite you to follow me on my 21-day fat loss challenge. Unfortunately I have added some excess body fat recently, primarily due to starting a new full time job. Due to a varying work schedule, it’s resulted in me often eating heavy meals right before bed, and combined with a lack of consistent exercise, a substantial gain of body fat.

My goals with this challenge is not only to lose body fat, but prove that the most determining factor in weight loss is burning more calories than consumed. So in basic terms, if caloric intake is less than caloric expenditure, you will lose weight. But I also want to stress that it is also important that the calories consumed be from as much quality sources of nutrients as possible, to improve or maintain your overall wellness.

I don’t yet have an overall goal for % of body fat to lose, but will know more after my initial wellness evaluation prior to starting my fat loss challenge on 12-1-18 (more on what the wellness evaluation includes a little later).

I will be following a proven nutrition program to lose the body fat

A healthy salad for fat loss

To accomplish my goals, I will be following a nutrition program that is based on a very simple meal plan. This specific nutrition program has been proven to be highly effective, and I followed this same program almost 5 years ago to lose 35 pounds of excess weight and until recently had kept most of it off (I will explain the meal plan in further detail in an upcoming post).

This nutrition program does not require me to know if my body is in a ketogenic state, do intermittent fasting, or spend a couple of hours at a gym everyday. Now, if that is what you do and it works for you, great! Stick with it! However, for the rest of us that need a simple but very effective nutrition program that is not only easy to follow but also maintain, the program I will be following works incredibly well.

Exercise is important, but not the primary factor for fat loss

Exercise for health, not fat loss

I will be exercising while following the nutrition program. As I’m sure most of you know, exercising is very important for your overall wellness. However, I want to stress that exercise is not the primary factor in weight loss, but a contributing one. Nutrition and reduced caloric intake is the primary factor. Therefore on most days I will only be exercising approximately 15 minutes per day, 5 to 6 days per week. One exception will be the one day per week when I get to do my favorite exercise, hiking the San Tan Regional Mountains.

Follow my progress

I plan to post each day the previous day’s caloric intake, the type of exercise performed if any, my overall energy levels, and anything else that may be of benefit to those following my progression. I may throw in a few Facebook lives also ;). To track my results, I will be having wellness evaluations done prior to starting the fat loss challenge and at the end of each week during the challenge. The wellness evaluation will track my overall weight, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, hydration levels, and metabolic age. I will of course post each evaluation for everyone else to see.

So why am I doing this and am I afraid that I will fail?

I will be successful in my fat loss challenge

So full disclosure here. My lovely wife D’Ann and I own and operate (ok, so she does all the “operating”) a business that sells nutritional supplements and other products in store and online. We know first hand the struggles that many people face, especially as they get older, with weight gain. And we know the health risks carrying excess weight creates. We also know so many that have tried all types of fad diets, and while some found success, most found it too restrictive, and any weight lost was regained, and them some, when they stopped.

I want to show that with nutrition, reduced calories, and meal planning, you can lose and keep excess weight off, gain energy, and possibly take back your life. I will be putting my results out for everyone to see, so although some may see that as risky and setting myself up for possible failure, I see it as an opportunity for anyone who may be struggling that follows my fat loss challenge to realize they obtaining their weight loss goals is not out of reach.

In the next article, I will post the results of my initial wellness evaluation to use as a baseline to start tracking my progress.

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